5 Ways to Earn Money Online In India ($1000/Month)

how to earn money online

Money is very essential for every person. We can do thousands of things like jobs, business, and investing to make money in our life.

Today, we have too many opportunities to earn money online in India. Making money online is better than offline.

You need less time and fewer investments to make money online in comparison to offline ways.

You only need an internet connection, some investment (not necessary in every method) and a laptop for starting.

So without wasting your valuable time, I will tell you the best ways to earn money online.

1. Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the oldest ways to make money online. Blogs are the main source of information on the internet. Most of the information on the internet is in the form of text.

So the main question is What is Blogging and how to make money by blogging.

What is Blogging: Making a website and publishing informational content is called blogging. These types of website which publish information content are called blogs.

Making a website is very easy in today’s time.

You can make good-looking and good-performing websites with the help of wordpress, templates, and page builders.

You only need to buy a hosting and a domain that costs only $50 or less per year. But if you have not money to buy hosting, then you can go with the blogger.

Blogging is just not to create a blog and publish content on it. After creating a blog, you will need to do several things. In which SEO and publishing content is main.

You will need to create a website that works properly. Now you will need to do technical SEO. After that, you will need to publish good quality content with proper SEO.

After publishing good quality content, you will need to promote posts on social media and other blogs.

You will need to do SEO practices regularly.

You will need to publish content around a specific topic like personal finance, money, blogging, programming, news, lifestyle, food, and more.

Now nest question is how we will make money from blogging.

Once your blog gets traffic (the audience that comes to your blog), you can monetize your blog with some methods.

You can display ads on your blog, publish sponsored posts, and do affiliate marketing to make money from your blog.

If you get a high volume of quality traffic, then you will make more money. Getting good quality of traffic very hard, and it takes several months.

A lot of people quit blogging because they do not get remarkable results. So this is very important to have so much patience.

How to start blogging:

  • Make a good looking and performing site with the help of wordpress
  • Do technical SEO
  • Publish content (post) with proper on-page SEO
  • Monetize your blog by displaying ads, affiliate marketing, and publishing sponsored posts.

2. Upload Videos on YouTube

YouTube is a trendy way to earn money online in India. In India, teenagers and kids are trying very hard to make money from youtube.

YouTube was founded in 2005, and now youtube is trendy. People watch videos on youtube daily. We watch the news, tutorials, comedy, reviews, video songs on youtube.

Videos are better and more engaging in comparison to text. YouTube now becomes a career option and a great way to become famous.

If you want to make money from youtube, you will need to upload video content on youtube. Creating video content is harder than creating text content.

So will need skills in photoshop and video editing. If you don’t know to edit, then you can learn from youtube.

First, you will need to create a youtube channel. Creating a youtube channel is very easy. You will need to customize your channel like uploading logo, channel art, brand icon, writing description, liking social account, etc.

After creating a youtube channel you will need to upload videos on your channel. There are several topics to start a youtube channel like

  • you can give health tips
  • you can teach programming
  • you can make travel blogs
  • you can upload tutorials
  • you can give news
  • you can upload music videos
  • you can review products.

If your videos get views, then you can make money from them. You can do affiliate marketing, product promotion, sponsored videos, and display ads by Adsense.

For using Adsense, you will have to complete a goal. If you complete 1000 subscribers on the youtube channel and 4000 hours of watch time on youtube videos, you can make money with Adsense from your youtube channel.

If you want to become successful on youtube, then you will need one thing that is consistency. If you upload videos on youtube consistently, then you will get remarkable results as soon.

How to start profitable youtube channel:

  • Select a Topic of videos for a youtube channel
  • Create a youtube channel
  • Customize youtube channel
  • Upload videos on the youtube channel
  • Monetize your youtube channel

3. Do Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the easiest way to make money online in comparison of other ways but you must know a skill.

So what is freelancing?

Doing freelance jobs is called freelancing.

Web designing, app development, video editing, graphic design, article writing, programming, and others are freelance jobs.

In freelancing you do freelance jobs for clients and they pay you for it.

If you are an expert in video editing, you can do video editing for someone, and he will pay you for this.

These are some popular freelance jobs

  • Programming
  • Web development
  • App development
  • Copywriting
  • Editing (Video, Audio, Photo)
  • Web Designing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Animation
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing

If you know any type of freelance job, then you can make money from it.

If you want to do freelance jobs, then you can use a freelancing platform. Freelancer platform is a website where freelancers and clients can find each other.

Fiverr is most popular freelancing platform.

The hardest thing is to get the first job. For getting the first job quickly, you need to create a professional profile on Fiverr that can attract clients.

You must have a portfolio of work (sample work). It will help the clients to know the quality of your work.

If you get your job, then you will need to do it excellently. Good work will increase the rating of your profile. And a profile with good ratings gets more jobs.

How to make money from freelancing:

  • Find a freelance job that you can do excellently
  • Sign up on Fiverr
  • Create a professional profile
  • Create a good portfolio
  • Wait for the jobs

4. Digital Marketing

Marketing is to promote services and products so that people can know about the service or product and they can buy it. Marketing improves the brand’s value, sales, and all over revenue.

Marketing is like the backbone of any brand or service. A few years ago, most of the brands were depended on TV ads, billboards, and posters for marketing.

But in today’s time, internet marketing is best. Most of the time, we use the internet for entertainment, work, research, and banking.

Most of the brands are doing internet marketing and getting significant results in their revenue and sales.

Even individuals and small brands can promote their products and services with digital marketing with a meager budget.

There are many ways to do digital marketing. These are the most popular ways to do digital marketing

If you want to make money from digital marketing, you must know any type of digital marketing.

There are two things that you can do to make money from digital marketing. You can do digital marketing for individuals and brands or do digital marketing for your own products, services, and courses.

How to make money from digital marketing:

  • Learn digital marketing
  • Create a product, service, or course to promote
  • Or find individual or brands who wants digital marketing services
  • Run a digital marketing campaign

5. Sell Images/Graphics/Illustrators

Do you know you can make money by selling images, graphics, and illustrators? Yes. Every brand or individual needs images, graphics, and illustrators for their product and service.

So you can sell them images and illustrators. If you are a photographer, then you can sell your photos to people.

High-quality images get a better price. If you have a good camera and good photography skills, you can try to sell your photos.

Shutterstock and Adobe stock is best platform to sell and buy images.

Similarly, if you have the skills to make high-quality illustrations, you can sell them on the internet through Shutterstock and adobe stock.

Or you can design logos and arts for brands as freelancer.

There is a huge demand for graphics in the gaming industry. Every game needs graphics. So you can design game graphics, characters, maps and sell them on game asset stores.

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